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Popular customer creations,  crazy-good taste, Oh...My...Burger!
As long as we have it, we probably will make it...

Oh My Burger creates whatever you like, so just ask. Oh My Burger customers get what we do and why we do it, so don't come in expecting your traditional grill burger, it's what you dream a burger should be. 

You want fried pickles on your cheeseburger... no problem. Chili and cheese on your onion rings...absolutely. Double, triple or quadruple your patties...go big, or go home!
Custom Oh My Burgers
The Really BIG Luther created by Geo
OMB's famous melt in your mouth Big Luther, 
double meat, double cheese, triple donut 

Oh My Lil' Luther
For those who are skeptical...
half the size, half the meat for half appetites.
(add peanut butter and jelly if you
dare...Gregg does it!)

Oh So Fresh "Leo's way"
Our customers tell us this is the best 
burger they have ever had! Step up our classic burger a
notch and have it with grilled pastrami, cheddar and a
fried egg. 

The Lil Homie
Turn OMB's top selling Big Homie into your lil' 
best friend. One patty instead of two. 

OMB Patty Melt 
Fried green tomatoes (when in season)
or any fried vegetable) mmm...hhmmmm, 
stacked inside a toasty grilled cheese
sandwich with a burger patty 

Lovell Veggie 
​A load of Veggies piled on a OMB 
veggie patty with american cheese on a
 toasted bun. 

OMB Juicy
A juicy Lucy made the OMB way. Be cautious, Lucy is 
a lil' spicy.

Lord of the Strings
Our famous hand battered Onion Strings topped with melty 
American cheese, chili, diced jalapenos, premium bacon bits, 
BBQ sauce and house ranch. 

Station 162 Sandwich 
The Firemen at station 162 heated up our So Fresh grilled chicken sandwich, topping it with blue cheese, swiss, jalapenos and grilled onion 

Custom Side Items

Helen Fries
Start with our most popular OMB Fries,
fresh cut fries seasoned with our secret garlic 
seasoning blend sprinkled with fresh grated 
Parmesan cheese topped with pastrami, 
bacon, chili, grilled onion, chipotle aioli, 
avocado and cheddar

The Jabregoo
Sweet potato fries, salted and sugared
topped with our home-style chili and shredded
cheddar cheese. add pastrami and it's a 

Pig on a Puff
America's favorite double stuffed Oreo cookie  
deep fried and wrapped in maple cured bacon
sprinkled with powdered sugar.
For Dessert... Crave a Shake
Cheesecake Brownie Cheesecake Brownie Milkshake
Say no more. It is so good, we had to name it twice.

Crumbled Maple Bacon Milkshake
You've seen it on T.V., But you've never had a bacon shake unless you get it from OMB.

Oreo Puff Milkshake
Oh yes we did...fried Oreo blended in real vanilla ice cream.

Faygo Float
Bon Appetit magazine named Faygo's Root Beer the best in the nation, OMB names it best for floats!

Ground Beef/Turkey Tacos
Made to order, seasoned perfectly. NOW SERVED DAILY 

Taco Fries
OMB fries, with a Taco on top, minus the shell and lettuce

Taco Dog
All Beef 1/4lb. dog, have it in grilled corn tortilla shell or in a bun 

Pastrami Chili Cheese Taco
Grilled Corn tortilla shell filled with juicy pastrami, home-style chili and loaded with cheese.
Taco Tuesday..."The OMB WAY"